Never Judge a Book by it’s cover – but a house? That’s a different story.

In life we are told to“never judge a book by its cover.” But in real estate, it’s just the opposite – we can’t help but judge a house by its looks. Which is why it is so important to present a property in its best light from the very beginning.

With the goal of trying to get a seller the highest price for their home, we agents have been trying to perfect the art of home presentation for years. Making sure the home’s walls are patched, painted and that the home is staged with alluring art and furniture is one of the many items we task ourselves with before opening the doors to potential buyers. We also look at curb appeal, how does the home look to those who drive by? We know that if the property is unappealing, we might lose a potential buyer in a drive-by viewing if the home’s “face” is not palatable to entice a buyer to step out of the car.

It is greatly important to every listing agent to make sure that a home is looking its sharpest.  And by taking a step further, it lures even more potential buyers inside to take a look beyond the home’s telling cover. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, in a study conducted by the group called The Digital House Hunt, nearly 90 percent of all potential home buyers preview homes online before seeking them out in person. That’s a big number! So, when I represent my clients, I make sure the technology serves the home at its most optimum vantage point. 

I recently discovered an amazing way to showcase a home’s best attributes.  By using a software program called Matterport, I can create a complete 3D view of a home from entry to exit and allow the viewer to virtually twist and turn through the rooms to assess dimensions, window placement and allow one to envision where to lay out furniture. 

We used this Matterport technology for my recent Palo Alto listing. Check it out at:

We certainly believe that showcasing a home with the best technology and viewing capacity from the beginning is paramount as it allows people to really get a complete picture of a home.

If you would like more information about how to this technology can be used to successfully market your home, please contact us at any time.